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Little Girls Pamper Me Box Set

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What Comes in the Box?

1 Bubble Dough
1 Donut Bath Bomb
1 Fairy Dust
1 Chapstick
4 Small 1-2oz bath bombs

  • Sweet, Aromatherapy, or Mixed
  • Bubble dough is the perfect little addition to your kiddos bath. Let them play with an organic soap bath toy that gets them clean while playing!
  • The donut bath bombs are the perfect gift to someone you love or the perfect gift to yourself. Although it looks good enough to eat,we do not recommend internal consumption. With our variety of scents enjoy your tub soak that will leave your skin feeling baby soft. “I donut what I would do without you.
  • Fairy Dust - Open the package and sprinkle a handful of dust into the warm bath water to hear the fizz, watch the water change colors,an explosion of scent, and softening of the skin. Make bath time fun again with a handful of dust! 
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